I got acquainted with the work of Gyuli Kambarova back in my student years at the conservatory. At that time her extraordinary musical abilities were already evident by large and distinguished her from other students. Holding a reputation of a highly professional musician and composer, she was happy to accept my proposal to write music for the documentary You Are Not Alone! Gyuli was rightfully awarded a special award for her music at the film forum «Fathers and Sons». Gyuli’s social skills and ability to accept criticism bring much delight to our collaborative work! The first positive experience continued in 2019, when I invited the talented composer Gyuli Kambarova to write music for my new documentary Voice for the Voiceless. The soundtrack for the documentary made it possible to create the necessary film atmosphere and turn the audience’s attention to an important social problem – discrimination against people diagnosed with HIV. I appreciate our creative tandem with Gyuli. I believe that music is the highest art in the world! Words at times require music, but music never needs words. The purpose of music is to touch and excite people’s hearts! That is why it is so important for me to partner with a masterful, highly professional and extraordinary composer Gyuli Kambarova.

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