Mobile 3D cinema held 16 April film screening “Voice for the Voiceless”. Here is what the organizers of the show wrote on their page: .
“⚡ We held an unusual film lecture for teenagers the other day in one of the rural schools in the Rostov region. Instead of boring lectures and “scarecrow” – fascinating, cognitive, motivational event. 🚀. This was our first experience of such a plan.. ☝
What is its feature? 🙄 The point is, that our countrywoman, Rostov director Anna Barsukova, gave us the right to show her film “Voice for the Voiceless” (VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS) (12+)😶 👊The film destroys all stereotypes in one of the most acute social problems of our society – in relation to HIV infection and infected people. ⚡We started the film lecture hall with a simple, but very important, in our opinion, question: “How will you behave, if you happen to know, that one of your friends is HIV positive?” There was a truthful answer from a teenager: “I will stop talking to him.”.😷
⚡And if it turns out, that HIV was found in you?
⚡If someone else finds out about your problem?
⚡What to do?
⚡How to continue to live? ☝ The heroine of the film gives answers to all these questions, feeling it all.
🤓 Before showing the film, the school psychologist held a thematic conversation with young people. Then there was a small presentation, in which we briefly talked about the film and its author Anna Barsukova. 🎥Then everyone watched the movie.
Marvelous, but the teenagers sat very quietly and enthusiastically followed the events on the screen, (not on the phone, as is usually the case, if a person gets bored…) After watching, we again talked with the youth. The audience did not expect, that this film will not be about sickness and death, but about life and the desire to live!🔥 😍 Now the eyes of teenagers shone with joy, they approached us with words of gratitude.
It's so simple, but so intelligibly the movie is able to convey, something that hundreds of boring lectures and a lot of prohibitions cannot do.
⚡Only by joint efforts can we eradicate ignorance in our society.
If you like our project, and you want, so that we can hold a similar film lecture, contact us by phone:
951 8 35053 9 or write PM.”
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