I was always interested in that, what is happening in the head of the composer? How instead of thoughts magical sounds arise in his mind? once, traveling by train, I opened the window in my compartment. The wind blew sharply and I, all of a sudden, clearly heard a slender female choir! I listened for a second - maybe the music comes from the next compartment? But, No! It sounded and intensified in my head. I've enjoyed this magic until then, until the fellow travelers closed the window. (: Marvelous! I play the violin more 30 years, but this happened to me only once!
I want to address these lines to Gyuli Kambarova (composer's site), who wrote the music for the film "Voice for the Mute" (English. «Voice for the voiceless»). Gully! Thanks for the original compositions and for your patience.! With me, maybe, not always easy to work (: But the result is beautiful music., from which I want to live! Wizards, you, composers! Wizards!

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Composer Guli Kambarova