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Free Speech Film Festival: Voice for the Voiceless by Anna Barsukova : The Golden Plate - πR²: Voice for the Mute on World AIDS Day. At the end of the online session will take place creative meeting with film director Anna Barsukova (g. Rostov-on-Don), the main character of the tape is Marina Dryagina, and also planned discussion with experts - film expert, Film Prize Selection Coordinator Adiley Khaibullina and consultants, who took part in the film. Event will take place on the platform Zoom. <= READ The film reveals the personal story of Yekaterinburg Marina Dryagina. Learning about your “indecent" diagnosis, the girl begins to search for answers to her questions. Throughout the film, the heroine experiences conflicting feelings. <= READ

Kazan audience at the online session will be shown the film "Voice for the Mute" => read article

Voice for the Voiceless – Voice for the Voiceless

17 May, an online screening of the documentary directed by Anna Barsukova “Voice for the Mute” will take place. Screening timed to coincide with World AIDS Day. The film “Voice for the Mute” received the largest number of viewers in the nomination “Documentary Short Films” of the I Interregional Prize in the Field of Cinema “Altyn Tylink” (The Golden Plate). The plot of the film is based on the story of a resident of Yekaterinburg Marina Dryagina, suddenly found out about her diagnosis of AIDS. The social film “Voice for the Mute” was shown at prestigious film forums and film screenings, as well as a participant and laureate of international film festivals. Among them is the Stalker International Film Festival of Human Rights, фестиваль Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival, International Film Festival "Independent Days", International Show Me Justice Film Festival. Also in March this year, the Australian television premiere of the picture was held., reports the press service of the Directorate of Cinema Time.

«Voice for the Voiceless»: “Golden Plate” - πR² ”presents on World AIDS Day => to read

World AIDS Remembrance Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of May every year.. IN 2020 year he falls on 17 number. In this regard, the next online event in the framework of the project "Golden Plate" - πR² "will not take place on Thursday, traditionally, and on sunday, 17 may. And it will be dedicated to a documentary, the plot is based on the real story of a girl, faced with a diagnosis of HIV. The film “Voice for the Mute”, directed by Anna Barsukova, won the largest number of viewers in the nomination “Documentary Short Films” of the I Interregional Prize in the Field of Cinema “Altyn Tylink” (The Golden Plate), established in Kazan.


In Volgograd, will show a documentary about HIV

Volgograd residents will be able to see the reel 17 March 17:00 at the address. embankment 62 army, 6 – creative space ICRA.

According to the director, in recent years about HIV say more, more and more freely, but stereotypes of the 90s of the last century have not disappeared, discrimination against people, infected with HIV, continues. And with this problem, as well as the spread of HIV, We need to fight. IN 2019 , the "voice of the voiceless" won the Grand Prix of the festival "The Magic of Cinema", which is chaired by Yegor Konchalovsky. Read =>

Ugra TV channel told viewers Festival "Spirit of Fire" about the premiere of the film "The voice of the voiceless":

Yugra News:

Directed by Anna Barsukov presented in Khanty-Mansiysk, a film about HIV

Within the framework of the social action "Cinema for all" the XVIII International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts "Spirit of Fire" was the film "The voice of the voiceless". Before you can view films about the history of Ugra viewers told director, director of photography, producer, the guest of honor of the festival Anna Barsukov.

- IN 2017 year at the premiere of my last movie I was approached by a girl and without preamble said simply: "I have HIV". I involuntarily took a step back. after a second,, caught on, but she already knew my reaction and watched with silent reproach. I was very ashamed, - admitted Anna. - Later we became friends and still keep in touch. But I thought: why, knowing about the transmission of HIV infection, yet I made this step back.

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The foreign press has already written about our movie film before. but recently,, news portal I told our readers about the movies “Voice for the Voiceless” (Voice for the Voiceless) and “You are not alone” (You Are Not Alone). The music for this film was written by a great composer Guli Kambarova. Read the article in the original Spanish, you can follow the link:

social action “Cinema for all” during the festival “Spirit of fire” with the participation of our film:

News media:

The festival "Spirit of Fire" with 1 March 30 April, will be social action "Cinema for All", organized by the "Ugra theaters". IN 80 Ugra cinemas show films and documentaries, dedicated to the power of the spirit and will to win people with disabilities and other complex diseases, such as oncology and HIV. The guest of honor will be the social event scriptwriter and director of the documentary "The voice of the voiceless" Anna Barsukov. Meetings with her participation and showing of films scheduled for 6 March in Khanty-Mansiysk Arts Center (str. Piskunov 1) and 7 March Surgut social cinema "Film Gallery» (Etc. Quay, 7). "Ugra theaters" in conjunction with "AIDS Center" to develop a work information and diagnostic platform "Know Today, to live tomorrow "where you can visit the interactive exhibition and undergo rapid testing for HIV. After showing the film "The voice of the voiceless" viewers will be able to ask questions of the author and representatives of the medical community.

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News Agency

Special guest of the cinema in Khanty-Mansiysk will be the writer of the documentary "The voice of the voiceless", producer, director of photography, Anna Barsukov producer.

In recent years, HIV say more, more and more freely, but stereotypes of the 90s of the last century have not disappeared, discrimination against people, HIV infected continues. And with this problem, as well as the spread of HIV, We need to fight.

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Administration of Odintsovo district, MO

Grand Prix of the festival "The Magic of Cinema" won the director of the Rostov-on-Don

Results of the IV Festival film debut "Magic of Cinema" summed up in the Odintsovo sports and entertainment complex on Saturday, 30 November. It was attended by more than 50 contestants. Winners are chosen by seven nominations. This was told the head of the Odintsovo City District Andrey Ivanov.


Grand Prix – “Voice for the Voiceless”

Online Magazine “EVA”:
I have HIV: as the story of a girl from the 'shameful' diagnosis became the script of the documentary
Documentary directed by Anna Barsukova "Voice for the voiceless" received the official status of Finalist Prize "for peace". Social motion picture has been featured on many other kinokonkursah worldwide (India, Romania, Russia, USA, Belarus, Italy, Germany, Australia). The theme of the film - the lives of HIV-infected people. How is life in modern society for people with this diagnosis? Eva.Ru communicated with the main character films Marina Dryagina.


Moskovsky Komsomolets Crimea:

Already a tradition Foundation for Promotion of Science, Culture and Film “Odysseus” He noted their diplomas festival films “saint Vladimir”in the Sevastopol. And this time marked not only a picture of the competitive program, but two non-competition screenings of the film.

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Festival of St. Vladimir















Olga Budina talked about her participation in the film “Voice for the Voiceless”

About the film “Voice for the Voiceless”, festival “Kinoshock” and much more…

Interview “around -TV” =>

The author Yvette Innocent shared her impressions after viewing the documentary film at the Film Festival “Kinoshock”.

What is an "inconvenient people" and "embarrassing illness" many of you know firsthand, but units are resolved to tell about it publicly. Not, not in an open lecture or a talk show in prime time, and documentary. Suicide and HIV - topics, from which it decided to shrug, - "are to blame, live normally can not ", why it is so resonant sounded kinootkroveniya two fragile girls Oksana Timchenko and Anna Barsukova.

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Interview with the heroine of the film, Marina Dryagina.

The film "The voice of the voiceless". The story personal story ekaterinburzhenki Marina Dryagina. Her story is an instructive and inspiring, because Marina was able to overcome the fear and betrayal, thus becoming even more. We present to you an exclusive interview with the main character of the film, Marina Dryagina.

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Author: lily Tan
A photo: Artem Vshivkov









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News agency TOCHKANEWS.RU shared his impressions, after watching the film in the Yeltsin-Center.

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"The voice of the voiceless" - a short film about the big man with HIV and with tears in his eyes

URA.RU told residents of Yekaterinburg on film:
“30 March Yeltsin Center will take place premiere of documentary film "Voice of the voiceless" on, how people live, having a diagnosis of "HIV". This is Russia's first documentary on the HIV-infected patients with an open face. Interestingly, the main character - ekaterinburzhenka. «URA.RU» have already talked about this project - about the beginning of filming and the leaving the trailer. As we found in Yekaterinburg heroine tape, why the operator had to live a few days in her house and how the film turned the mind of its creator - in an interview with the author's films Anna Barsukova.”

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“Ekaterinburzhenka HIV has become a star of the documentary "The voice of the voiceless". A resident of Ekaterinburg Marina Dryagina decided to open their HIV status loud and unusual. She starred in socially important documentary about the lives of people with this diagnosis. The picture will present at the end of this week. “


Media about the private screening of the film "The voice of the voiceless":

Newspaper “Sea of ​​Azov” He told its readers about the film “Voice for the Voiceless”
(release number 11)
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Radio FM-na-Donu. Inna Bilan spoke with the director about the film Anna Barsukova “Voice for the Voiceless” and on social cinema in general,. (record from 6 Martha 2019).

Details - correspondent in material channel "Don 24".

The media notified of a private screening of the film, posting a press release on their Internet sites information.

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Before closing film screening “Voice for the Voiceless” (Voice For The Voiceless) we answered the questions information portal “OVERVIEW”.

The filming lasted a year and eight months. Initially the film was conceived as a popular science, but in the process of creation, I decided to narrow the focus, focusing attention on the inner feelings of the heroine, showing society, how much it can "brand" of man, which is simply sick…READ ARTICLE =>

In Yekaterinburg film about HIV. The main character - a girl, living with this diagnosis. «URA.RU» News Agency spoke about filming READ THE ARTICLE =>





In the newspaper “evening Gazette” there was an article about the making of the film “Voice for the Voiceless”. “Yekaterinburg is currently filming a documentary motion picture, which tells about the life of people with a diagnosis of "HIV". The heroes of the film of a young director Anna Barsukova - HIV-infected patients, who are not afraid to talk about this country and believe, between them and healthy people there is no difference. READ ARTICLE =>