💥Recently, my English-speaking friends made a professional dubbing of our film «Voice for the Voiceless». 18 people worked on the project! I would like to express gratitude for all that you have done. Thank you for your wonderful present! Thanks to the dubbed translation, the film «Voice for the Voiceless» will be placed on well-known online platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and so on. Viewers all over the world will be able to see our film! We value your contribution to our successful collaboration.
⚡️U.S. Cast & Credits of “Voice for the Voiceless” ⚡️
Yulia D. Lai: Marina
Hilal Koyuncu: Nurse
Julian Michelucci: Marina’s father
Brittany Mitchell: Marina’s mother
Damian Tijero Vyacheslav: Kurapov
Aletheia Orphanidys: Evgenia Vershinina
Trevor B. Nagle: Vladislav Idamzhapov
Kristin Jacques (II): Paulina Siniatkina
Wes Chick: Roman Berdnikov
Debbi Del Debbi Hodges Del Conte: Irina Kastyan
Martha Park: Newsanchor
Tulasi Hosain: Elena Chernyh
Laura Rappa: Lyudmila Dosiagaeva
Tom Slevin: Anatoly Vilisov
Wade: Artem Vshivkov
Sandeep Sunny Hasrajani: TV reporter, Doctor
Jack Rettig: Danil Markelov
Kendra Terrazas: Aurika Prisacarou
U.S. Casting: Danny K. Danny K Lai
U.S. English Voiceover Director: Danny K. Lai
Russian to English Consultant: Yulia D. Yulia Dvoryaninova Lai
Legal Dialogue Consultant: Aletheia Orphanidys
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