Within the framework of the social action "Cinema for all" the XVIII International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts "Spirit of Fire" was the film "The voice of the voiceless". Before you can view films about the history of Ugra viewers told director, director of photography, producer, the guest of honor of the festival Anna Barsukov.

- IN 2017 year at the premiere of my last movie I was approached by a girl and without preamble said simply: "I have HIV". I involuntarily took a step back. after a second,, caught on, but she already knew my reaction and watched with silent reproach. I was very ashamed, - admitted Anna. - Later we became friends and still keep in touch. But I thought: why, knowing about the transmission of HIV infection, yet I made this step back.

The director noted, that likely triggered a subconscious fear, which was inspired by public opinion. Many people with HIV word association - pale faces, hospital corridor, despair.

- My character - the exact opposite. I started to learn about HIV in great detail and I want, you to see, what we've got, - appealed to viewers Anna Barsukov.

The heroine of the film - Marina - living a normal life: she has a husband, Work. But suddenly during pregnancy, she learns about his HIV-positive status. Marina's husband without her consent shall publicly disclose the diagnosis. The heroine is experiencing very mixed feelings: angry at what happened, experiences from this fear and eager to punish the offender. Then he begins to study his disease and is immersed in meditation on the theme of "where are the fears and stigma?». All his thoughts heroine writes in a diary.

"Fears are different, but the nastiest - social, - says overs tape picture heroine. - I'm afraid, such that the ratio, like me, Will not change. ashamed to be ill, because such a diagnosis are indecent people. If you're sick, so, guilty by default ... "

The documentary shows the experiences of mother Marina, who learned of her daughter's disease, I went to the barn in the evening and there was crying, so that no one saw.

Story Dani Markelov also mentioned, who died because of, that the parents of the HIV-dissidents did not give him antiretrovirals. IN 30 minutes of the director was able to talk about many issues, faced by HIV-positive people.

- I'm focused on the experiences of the heroine, showing, how much it can denounce human, which is simply sick, - said Anna Barsukov. - I want to believe, the film will be useful to society, this is the meaning of his creation.

After watching the audience had a unique opportunity to ask questions to the director and producer of the film. One of them - about, that after the show even more people found out about the diagnosis Marina Dryagina. How to react to this and surrounding heroine herself?

- The heroine has shown incredible courage, she had not seen the film before its premiere. For the first time she watched the film together with all, and sitting next to relatives and friends, who previously did not know about her disease. Some people cried. Someone tried to make it appear silent, nothing happened. Marina is not brought negative consequences: she continues to work in his place, in social networks is also no negative, conversely, showered with letters of support, - said Anna Barsukov.

The audience asked the opinion of the director, always it is necessary to tell others about the diagnosis.

- No one is forcing people living with HIV to open their face. It is about, as we have supplied information, to these people to make the environment. That film was made for this. There is a distorted view, that HIV-infected people are necessarily at risk groups - drug addicts, asocial elements, etc.. The reality is, that can catch everyone - family, talented, self-sufficient person. We have tried to bring it to the people using the new format. Art history, Unlike dry Information, It touches the soul, It allows you to feel sorry for these people.

Freshman Khanty-Mansiysk Simeon State Medical Academy, he expressed the general opinion of freshmen:

- These films need to be removed: to the consciousness of the people went stereotypes, that society is not guided by the obscure myths about HIV and accept these people, not otvoračivalosʹ. A lot depends on the accessible and interesting supply problems, in this case, the director is well managed.

A source: https://ugra-news.ru/article/moskovskiy_rezhisser_anna_barsukova_predstavila_v_khanty_mansiyske_film_o_vich/

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