🔴 This is the trailer for the Voice for the Voiceless documentary. The film premiered on March 30, 2019 in Yekaterinburg, and later showed at the 2019 Whistleblower Summit Film Festival in Washington, D.C. and aired on Australian television. Widely covered in Russian and foreign media, received many awards at international film festivals. (for the full list of awards, see the description under the video on the YouTube channel https://youtube.com/c/abarsukova)

Movie premiere “Voice for the Voiceless” – 30 Martha 2019, Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center

Reportage TV channel “Don 24”

A private screening of the film in Rostov-on-Don

Trailer of the documentary “Voice for the Voiceless” (“Voice For The Voiceless”)

In the process of working on the film “Voice For The Voiceless” (Voice for the Voiceless), studying the multifaceted topic from different angles, Our crew filmed a lot of informative material.
And as all of these movies are not included in the film, we decided to share with you some interesting interviews.
Happy viewing!

Many people do not know how to deal with HIV-infected and what to do, if their own test showed a positive result. In society, there are many questions, to which people have a right to hear the answer.

The choice of the protagonist - a half script success! If there is an interesting history, "volume", authentic character - the hero with such want to relate themselves every viewer! In the context of our theme, taking into account the stigma of HIV and TB disease, supposed, that the viewer expects to see negative hero of low social status and repulsive appearance. We strive to show the exact opposite, causing a conflict between the reality and the representation of reality viewer. "Strong character" should be a positive example for other TB patients and HIV-infetsirovannyh, as well as to help society to overcome the stigma and fear of the above mentioned diseases.