Фестивалю (Юта, США) так понравился наш фильм «Голос за безгласных», что они написали об этом на своей странице:

Anna Barsukova’s short film «Voice For The Voiceless» is one brave documentary. I admire our director’s advocacy to spread awareness against the disease as well as to kill the stigma that comes along with it. I am also moved by Marina’s courage to speak up and be the voice of the people in the same condition as her’s. The concept of the documentary is also good. It exhibits a personal approach, something truly sincere and inspiring. This documentary will always remind me that people with HIV are not to be dreaded or discriminated, rather they are to be accepted, and receive the utmost support from family and the community. Let’s take the initiative to know more about the diseases, and this film is an immense help in taking that step.

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