Автор статьи Иветта Невинная поделилась своими впечатлениями после просмотра документальных фильмов.

The author Yvette Innocent shared her impressions after viewing the documentary film at the Film Festival “Kinoshock”.

What is an "inconvenient people" and "embarrassing illness" many of you know firsthand, but units are resolved to tell about it publicly. Not, not in an open lecture or a talk show in prime time, and documentary. Suicide and HIV - topics, from which it decided to shrug, - "are to blame, live normally can not ", why it is so resonant sounded kinootkroveniya two fragile girls Oksana Timchenko and Anna Barsukova.

Read the full article: https://www.mk.ru/culture/2019/09/16/molodye-dokumentalisty-ne-boyatsya-govorit-o-vich-i-suicide.html

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